Adding Cities:
- Click the BlackBerry menu key and select "Options".  In Options you can setup up BBWeather and add cities.

- Click the BlackBerry manu key and select "Add" to add a new city

- Enter the city name next to "Location ID", click the menu key and select "Lookup Location ID" then choose from the results.  You may not find your city, so use a nearby one.  For example:  "Stratford" is available to choose.

- You can add a shortcut key for each city

- To add a GPS location: type "@gps" as the location ID (no NOT use Location ID lookup function) and the shortcut key 'g'
 BBWeather Settings:
- Check "Activate on Startup"

- Connection type:  Auto

- Escape Key Function:  "Close/Minimize"

- Check "Enable HomeScreen Update"

- Homescreen icon:  Conditions

- Homescreen rollover:  Conditions + Temp

- Homescreen text:  Conditions + Temp

- Homescreen Text Color:  Darkblue

Make sure to "Save" after making any changes.

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