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BlackBerry Playbook and future
 RIM announced the BlackBerry Playbook which is a tablet like the iPad but with a smaller size, two cameras for video conferencing, and as you might expect it tethers seamlessly with your current BlackBerry.  The idea is to give you a bigger 7inch screen to do all BlackBerry tasks, plus there is a full web browser with Flash and HTML5.  Perhaps the more exciting feature is that the OS for the Playbook is written in QNX, a highly responsive realtime OS which RIM has said is also the future for BlackBerrys.  Say goodbye to the old OS platform.

OS 6!!! - Sept 20
 OS 6 has been leaked for my 9650, finally!  Happened on Saturday and I just happened to go to when the leak came out so I was one of the first to download and install the new OS.  I really really like OS 6 as it modernized the BlackBerry experience to be more like Android and iPhone.  Overall my phone with the new webkit browser is more comparable to the Palm Pre or Pixi as the CPU is still slow compared to an Android or iPhone, but I am very pleased regardless.  Hope get to have OS 6 on your current or new phone soon.
 Future of Smartphones - Aug 17
 With the release of the iPhone4 this year, as well as the numerous Droids and other Android phones, and now the new BlackBerry Torch (slider) it has certainly been a revolutionary year.  I admit the iPhone4 is the best one yet, especially the front facing camera for video calls.  The Android 2.2 OS is by far the best though with Wifi Hotspot allowing you to create a wifi connection for your laptop or other devices for free.  The BlackBerry Torch is a much needed update to the brand, and OS 6 with the new browser is what many have been waiting for.  The keyboard and touchscreen integration is perfect, and I can't wait for more carriers to get this or whatever the sequel will be.  
 Amazing Updates - Aug 11
 RIM has been very busy.  Not only has AppWorld been updated recently, which streamlines everything, but as of this week you have Desktop Manager 6 which syncs your music between your BB and Computer over Wifi.  NOW you also have a new PodCasts app which over WiFi downloads PodCasts directly to your BB.  Last but not least, BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) has been also updated big time, so make sure to get all these updates!
 Initial Thoughts - Aug 4
Remember that to keep your BlackBerry acting 'fresh' it is important to pull out the battery while your BlackBerry is running about once a week.  Also back up your BlackBerry using the new BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 also about once a week.  Only charge your BlackBerry battery when it is totally empty and give it a nice long full charge (over night) to keep the battery in good condition.

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